Visit and seminar by Ian Hamley

Centre for Computational Physics

Professor Ian Hamley from the University of Reading, UK, visited our group on 28 November 2014 and gave a seminar.

Lincoln Soft Matter Seminar

Self-Assembling Peptide Conjugates: Nanostructures to Bionanotechnology

Ian W. Hamley (University of Reading, Dept of Chemistry)

28 November, JBL3C0 at 1-2pm

There has been great interest recently in the fibrillization of peptides, including the amyloid beta (Ab) peptide which is involved in diseases such as Alzheimer’s [1]. We have recently commenced a study of the self-assembly of peptides and peptide copolymers based on a fragment KLVFF, corresponding to the core region of Ab(16-20). I will present results on the self-assembly of peptides containing the KLVFF motif along with hydrophobic residues at the N terminus and PEGylated diblock copolymers of these peptides. PEGylation is an important technique in the development of conjugates for applications in therapeutics [2]. Self-assembly is studied in water for hydrophilic peptides and peptide copolymers…

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