Evgeny Khukhro giving a talk in Bristol

Charlotte Scott Centre for Algebra

Evgeny Khukhro is giving a talk “Finite groups with Frobenius groups of automorphisms” at Bristol University Algebra & Geometry Seminar, 17 June 2015, 2.30 PM


Abstract:  Suppose that a finite group G admits a Frobenius group of automorphisms FH with kernel F and complement H such that CG(F) = 1. The condition CG(F) = 1 alone already implies that G is soluble and has Fitting height bounded in terms of F. Finer results on the structure of G can be derived by using the “additional” action of H. There are good reasons to expect many properties and parameters of G to be close to the same properties and parameters of CG(H) (possibly, also depending on |H|). Examples of such properties and parameters include the order, rank, Fitting height, nilpotency class, and…

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