Physics Seminar: Dr Richard Graham

Centre for Computational Physics

Date: Wednesday 19th of October 2016, 14:00.
Location: JBL0C05 (Joseph Banks Laboratories).

‘Modelling polymer crystallisation under flow: from molecular shape to flow properties and crystallisation’

by Dr Richard Graham,
School of Mathematical Sciences,
University of Nottingham, Nottingham, (UK).

Richard GrahamPolymer molecules, due to their size, move much more slowly than simple molecules. They are sufficiently slow that flow can unravel individual chains. This molecular deformation leads to flow properties that are richly non-linear and strongly non-Newtonian. Furthermore, molecular deformation drastically increases the rate of crystallisation in polymers and changes the resulting crystal structures. By distorting the configuration of polymer chains, flow breaks down the kinetic barriers to crystallisation and directs the resulting crystallisation. These effects are of central importance to the polymer industry as crystallisation determines virtually all of the useful properties of polymer products. However, modelling polymer crystallisation is extremely challenging due to the huge spread in…

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