1st Annual Edward Delaval Lecture in Physics

On the 16th of November 2016 Professor Tom McLeish FRS from Durham University, UK, delivered our 1st Annual Edward Delaval Lecture in Physics.  The lecture is named after Edward Delaval FRS, a ‘physics hero’ associated with the Doddington Hall near Lincoln.  Tom gave a fascinating talk about the English polymath of the 13th century Robert Grosseteste, who was  Bishop of Lincoln. A lively discussion and answers to questions from the public after the lecture made 1.5 hours fly without  notice.


After the lecture. L-R: Professor Tom McLeish FRS and Professor Andrei Zvelindovsky, Head of the School of Mathematics and Physics.



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    Here I am with host Andrei Zvelindovski of Lincoln University at the most recent public lecture from the Ordered Universe project

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  4. A fascinating, engaging lecture, well done


  5. A most enjoyable and interesting lecture. I would have been interesting to have allowed him longer.

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  6. I very much enjoyed the lecture on the ‘Ordered Universe’ project and Bishop Grosseteste. Please pass my thanks onto Professor McLeish for a most entertaining, informative and thought provoking presentation of, what seems to me to be, the ultimate in inter-disciplinary research. I would also like to thank the physics department for putting on these public lectures. They have been 1st rate.

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