Algebra seminar in Lincoln: talk by Stacey Law

Charlotte Scott Centre for Algebra

On Wednesday the 14th of February, Stacey Law (Cambridge) visited Lincoln and gave a talk “On the p’-subgraph of the Young graph“.

Abstract:  Let $latex p$ be a prime number and $latex n$ any natural number. Let $latex chi$ be an ordinary irreducible character of the symmetric group $latex {frak S}_n$ whose degree is coprime to $latex p$. We study the number of $latex p’$-irreducible constituents of the restriction and induction to $latex {frak S}_{n-1}$ and $latex {frak S}_{n+1}$, respectively. This generalizes the work of Ayyer, Prasad, and Spallone for the prime $latex p=2$. This is joint work with E. Giannelli and S. Martin.

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