Algebraic conference in Lancaster

Charlotte Scott Centre for Algebra

Sandro Mattarei gave an invited talk at the Workshop on Non-associative Algebras and Applications, which was held at the University of Lancaster from 9th to 13th July 2018.

Sandro spoke about grading switching, a technique based on certain generalized exponentials to obtain new gradings of algebras in positive characteristic. This results from a collaboration with Marina Avitabile (University of Milano Bicocca), takes inspiration from toral switching, a crucial technique in the classification of simple modular Lie algebras, and extends its applicability to arbitrary non-associative algebras and gradings of more general types.

Despite the disruptions on Friday 13th (!) caused by a power outage affecting a large part of Lancaster, the workshop was a success and allowed plenty of discussions among researchers in various areas of the wide theory of non-associative algebras.

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