Algebra seminar in Lincoln: talk by Dr Alex Bartel

Charlotte Scott Centre for Algebra

On 7th of February 2019  Dr Alex Bartel (University of Glasgow) visited the Charlotte Scott Centre for Algebra in Lincoln and gave a talk  “What does a random finitely generated abelian group look like?”.

Abstract: “Often, in different branches of mathematics, if an algebraic object is somehow drawn “at random”, then the probability that it is isomorphic to a given object A is proportional to 1/#Aut(A). In this talk I will report on joint work with Hendrik Lenstra, in which we explain that this heuristic can even be made precise in a canonical way in certain situations in which #Aut(A) is infinite. Although the work is purely algebraic, the need for it arose in a number theoretic situation, namely in our attempt to shed more light on the Cohen-Lenstra heuristics concerning ideal class groups of number fields.”

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