3rd Annual Charlotte Scott Lecture in Mathematics by Prof. Ineke De Moortel FRSE

Prof. Ineke de Moortel FRSE

On 6 February 2019 the 3rd Annual Charlotte Scott Lecture in Mathematics was given in Isaac Newton building of University of Lincoln by Professor Ineke De Moortel FRSE, President of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society. This series of public lectures is named after Charlotte Scott (1858–1931), the famous mathematician born in Lincoln, who was also influential in developing  mathematical education of women and their participation in mathematical research. The lecture “Our Dynamical Sun: a 21st Century View” included amazing current satellite images and movies and explained how scientists use these to create mathematical models of the solar activity, which affects our daily lives. The lecture attracted a big audience consisting of staff, students and members of the public, both from Lincoln and other cities, and was a great success.

Prof. Andrei Zvelindovsky

The proceedings were started by Head of School of Mathematics and Physics Professor Andrei Zvelindovsky.  Before the lecture, Professor Evgeny Khukhro announced the winners of the Lincoln Mathematics and Physics Challenges-2018-19 and Professor Ineke De Moortel FRSE presented the trophies. The audience gave generous rounds of applause to the talented young mathematicians and physicists, whose moments of glory were shared with their parents. Then Prof. De Moortel proceeded with her fascinating lecture to the delight of the public.


Refreshments before the lecture

Prof. Ineke de Moortel FRSE























Questions and answers

Prof. Andrei Zvelindovsky, Prof. Ineke de Moortel FRSE, Prof. Evgeny Khukhro


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