Simon Smith gave a talk at the 2021 British Mathematical Colloquium

Charlotte Scott Centre for Algebra

Photo by Johnny Briggs on Unsplash
Photo of the University of Glasgow, byJohnny BriggsonUnsplash

This year’s British Mathematical Colloquium was supposed to be held at the University of Glasgow, but because of COVID restrictions it was held virtually in Glasgow. The organisers did an amazing job of making attendees feel like they were actually in Glasgow, using a platform called Sococo. You could “walk” around a top-down view of buildings at the university. Talks were held in various virtual rooms, so your avatar would enter a room to see the link to the zoom lecture taking place in that room. Sococo allowed the organisers to put a beach near the campus so attendees could soak up some virtual sun.

Simon Smith attended the conference, and gave an invited talk in the Group Theory workshop on his recent joint work with Colin Reid on the theory of local action diagrams (essentially a “local action”…

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