Physics Seminar: Dr Nick Tucker

Centre for Computational Physics

Date: Wednesday 16th of March 2022, 13:30 (GMT).
Type: Hybrid — Online MS Teams and Isaac Newton Building (INB2305)


by Dr Nick Tucker, School of Engineering, College of Science, University of Lincoln, Lincoln, UK.


Electrospinning is a well-established industrial method of making nano-scale polymer fibres. The fibre is drawn from a droplet of material by electrostatic attraction, and rapidly accelerates towards the nearest earthed surface – often the collection surface. The flight path of the fibre is initially straight but at a certain point, curves into a spiral. This so-called instability makes it tricky to control the deposition pattern of fibres: the fibre mat has the appearance of random deposition. There are methods of improving control over the deposition pattern for example by collecting the fibre on a rotating mandrel or a “window frame” electrode, but the presence of the instability is a continuing problem in controlling the…

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