Maths-Chat: Shapes, space, and matter, from Kepler to Newton and back

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Credit: Scheuchzer,1731-33: Snowflakes, Welcome Collection. Public domain.

a maths-chat with

Dr Snezana Lawrence

Friday, 28 January 2022

7:00-8:00 pm

Live online

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In this talk I will share with you some of the reasons why I chose to write my book A New Year’s Present from a Mathematician, as well as describe some of the stories it tells. The book, and most of my work, is dedicated currently to these two questions: What is it that mathematicians do? And who gets to be called a ‘mathematician’ and why? I will particularly explore the chapter one, on Newton and his mathematics, as well as some other interests he had and worked on and the influences his work had on others during, and after his life.

This is our Maths-Chat with our guest Dr Snezana Lawrence.  The session will include a brief illustrated introduction followed by questions and answers…

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