Isaac Newton Lecture 2022 by Prof. Charles Leedham-Green

L-G-On 26th of April, Professor Charles Leedham-Green (Queen Mary, University of London) delivered the 2022 Isaac Newton Lecture “Newton’s Principia“. This lecture became the first face-to-face event after Covid pandemic in the Distinguished Lectures series of School of Mathematics and Physics in Lincoln. At the beginning, Head of School Prof Andrei Zvelindovsky introduced the lecturer, a prominent algebraist, whose research is close to the interests of the Lincoln Charlotte Scott Research Centre for Algebra and who is a member of the School’s Advisory Board and one of its external assessors. This lecture was related to the completion by Prof Leedham-Green of his new, richly annotated translation of the famous Newton’s magnum opus “Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy“, which was recently published by Cambridge University Press. The lecture highlighted outstanding achievements of the genius of Isaac Newton, many ahead of his time, as well as difficulties that were encountered both by Newton himself and by the readers and translators of his work. The lecture was well attended by diverse audience consisting of staff, students and members of the public, who also asked numerous questions after the talk. The recording of the lecture is available on YouTube:

DSC_0006a - Copy

Prof Andrei Zvelindovsky introduces the lecturer Prof Charles Leedham-Green



DSC_0007a - Copy

P1050708a - Copy



Profs Andrei Zvelindovsky, Charles Leedham-Green, Evgeny Khukhro

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