Algebra seminar: Anitha Thillaisundaram will give a talk on the 17th of June

Charlotte Scott Centre for Algebra

Anitha Thillaisundaram (Lund University) will talk about her work on the 17th of June in INB3235 at 3pm.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Title:The Amit-Ashurst conjecture for finite metacyclic p-groups

Abstract:The Amit conjecturesays that for aword map on afinite nilpotent group G,the probability of the identity element occurring in the image of the word map isat least1/|G|. This conjecturehasbeen shown to hold for certain classes of groups.The generalised Amit conjecture says that the probability of an element occurring in the image of a word map on a finite nilpotent groupG is either0, or at least1/|G|. Noting the work of Ashurst, we name the generalised Amit conjecture the Amit-Ashurst conjecture and show that the Amit-Ashurst conjecture holds for finite p-groups with a cyclic maximal subgroup.

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