Physics Seminar: Dr Alan Goddard

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Date: Wednesday 24th of January 2018, 13:00. Location: MB1020 (Minerva Building). ‘Cell Membranes in Biotechnology’ by Alan D. Goddard, School of Life & Health Sciences, Aston University, Birmingham, UK. Abstract: Biotechnology is currently used to produce an array of useful molecules.  However, many of these molecules are toxic to the…

Algebra Seminar by Dr Henry Bradford

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On Wednesday the 20th of December 2017, Henry Bradford, from the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, will be visiting Lincoln and giving a seminar at 2.30pm in INB 3305. His talk title is “Diameter & Navigation in Finite Cayley Graphs” and his talk abstract is as follows: “Cayley graphs of finite groups…

Seminar by Jonathan Crofts (NTU)

Originally posted on Algebra in Lincoln:
On Tuesday the 12th of December at 2pm in JUN0001,  Jonathan Crofts from Nottingham Trent University will be giving a seminar on “Complex brain networks in health, development and disease”, as part of the third-year undergraduate Advanced Topics in Mathematics module at the University of Lincoln. His talk abstract…

Inaugural Professorial Lecture in Mathematics

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Is algebra a spoilsport in mathematics? a public lecture by Professor Evgeny Khukhro University of Lincoln Wednesday, 17 January 2018, 6:00-7:20 pm Newton Lecture Theatre  INB0114 in the Isaac Newton building, University of Lincoln Book a place Is it the role of algebra to be taking fun out…

Lincoln Astronomical Society Lecture

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On 5th December I visited Lincoln Astronomical Society and their observatory. I gave a talk titled  “Fantastic worlds and where to find them”, where we discussed how some of the most recently discovered exoplanets were detected. We then looked at what some of these worlds might be like and…

Interview on Siren Radio

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Today I visited Siren radio to talk my current interests and work as part of #itsoundslikespace produced by 2nd year media prod students. We talked a range of things from the Cassini spacecraft to what astrophysics students at Lincoln can get the opportunity to be involved with. It was great to…

External examiner of PhD examination in Vienna

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Matt Watkins enjoying homemade Glühwein with (Dr) Yannick Wimmer after Yannick’s successful PhD defence. Yannick is in Tibor Grasser’s group at TU Wien. His thesis was entitled ‘Hydrogen Related Defects in Amorphous SiO2 and the Negative Bias Temperature Instability’ which explored how hydrogen related defects can lead to instabilities and…

Physics Seminar: David Wilkinson

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There will be a physics seminar on Tuesday the 14th of November 2017, 14:00, in INB3305 (Isaac Newton Building): Forensic Physics by David Wilkinson, Midlands Regional Officer of the Institute of Physics.

3rd Annual Boole Lecture in Mathematics

On 2nd of November, George Boole’s 202th birthday, Professor Alexandre Borovik (University of Manchester) delivered the 3rd Annual Boole Lecture “What is mathematics education, really?”. At the beginning Professor Andrei Zvelindovsky introduced the lecturer and reminded the audience of George Boole’s exploits in mathematical education. The thought-provoking lecture was well attended by staff, students and members […]

A London Mathematical Society Research Grant

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Nadia Mazza, Brita Nucinkis, Rachel Camina and Anitha Thillaisundaram successfully secured a London Mathematical Society Research Grant. This grant will go towards organising three one-day meetings in April, September and December 2018 at the Universities of Lincoln, Royal Holloway and Lancaster respectively. The Lincoln one-day conference will be themed…

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