Prize for the winner of the 2016/17 Physics Challenge

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The School of Mathematics and Physics are delighted to present Mason Parker with a £100 Amazon voucher as his prize for winning the School’s annual Physics Challenge. A deserving winner, Mason calculated how long it would take the Brayford Pool to freeze over, derived the equations of motion of a…

Physics Seminar: Dr Mike Evans

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Date: Wednesday 22nd of March 2017, 14:00. Location: MB1019 (Minerva Building). ‘The simplest model of a complex fluid’ by R.M.L. Evans, School of Mathematics, University of Leeds. Abstract: Originally invented to describe magnetic materials, the classical XY model has the simplest interactions imaginable. Surprisingly, when subjected to counter-rotating boundaries,…

Doris vs Robert Grosseteste

Poseidon has definitely sent storm Doris to  prevent establishing a new tradition in Lincoln – annual public lectures in Cosmology/Astrophysics. However, his efforts were in vain: in a truly heroic 9 hours trip, combining multiple trains and a taxi, our inaugural speaker Professor Peter Coles arrived from Cardiff to the waiting audience in Lincoln. Straight out […]

Dr Flor Siperstein visits

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On 22nd of February 2017 Dr Flor Siperstein from the University of Manchester has visited us and delivered a fascinating seminar on several collaboration stories between computer modellers and experimentalists interested in real life industrial applications. Flor at the University of Lincoln campus

Young mathematicians demonstrate skills in annual challenge

By Elizabeth Allen (PR Officer – Marketing) Young mathematicians from across the UK battled it out in the University of Lincoln’s annual mathematics challenge, which is designed to test the mathematical thinking of GCSE and A Level pupils. The Lincoln Mathematics Challenge 2017 was won by Melissa Quail, from Longsands Academy in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, who […]

Physics Seminar: Dr Flor Siperstein

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Date: Wednesday 22nd of February 2017, 14:00. Location: MB1010 (Minerva Building). ‘Using molecular simulations to understand disordered porous materials’ by Flor R. Siperstein, Chemical Engineering, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK. Abstract: The properties of disordered porous materials are difficult to predict. Typical characterisation tools provide limited information about the…

Physics Seminar: Dr Alexey Lyulin

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Date: Wednesday 15th of March 2017, 14:00. Location: JBL0C05 (Joseph Banks Laboratories). ‘Coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations of structure and mechanics of filled elastomers’ by Alexey V. Lyulin, Theory of Polymers and Soft Matter, Department of Applied Physics, Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Abstract: Polymer nanocomposites are materials…

Physics Seminar: Prof Giuseppe Battaglia

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Date: Wednesday 1st of March 2017, 14:00. Location: MB1010 (Minerva Building). ‘Bionic nanoscopic carriers for precision drug delivery’ by Prof Giuseppe Battaglia, Department of Chemistry and Department of Chemical Engineering, University College London, London, UK. Abstract: Getting across biological barriers and deliver therapeutic cargo to the right site is…

Dr Robert Jack visits

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Dr Robert Jack from Bath visits us and delivers a physics seminar on self-assembly in colloids with indentations.

Prof Natasha Maurits visiting

Our school’s External Advisory Board member, Professor Natasha Maurits from the Netherlands, visited us on 30-31 January 2017.  Natasha delivered our first Annual Charlotte Scott Lecture in Mathematics as well a lecture in Industrial Mathematics module for our 2nd year Maths students. Natasha also discussed our school’s current and future developments.   

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