Talk in Brasilia

Originally posted on Charlotte Scott Centre for Algebra:
26/09 (sexta-feira); as aulas terão lugar no auditório do MAT às 14:30 horas. Palestrante: Evgeny Khukhro (Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk, Russia, and University of Lincoln, UK) Some linear methods in the study of nilpotent groups (a survey) Most of the methods that will be described are Lie…

Prof Evgeny Khukhro

Welcome to our new staff: Prof Evgeny Khukhro, who is a Professor of Pure Mathematics  in our school. His subject specialism is Group Theory and Theory of Lie Rings. Evgeny is a member of the Editorial Boards of “Journal of Algebra” (Elsevier),  a Managing Editor of “Journal of Group Theory” (de Gruyter) and a Managing Editor of […]

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