Visiting Newton’s tree

After listening to Andrei’s talk “From Newton’s light to electromagnetic waves: a paths to enlightening” at Woolsthorpe Manor as a part of Gravity Fields festival our 2nd year Physics students and staff have visited the Woolsthorpe Manor garden with the famous Newton’s apple tree.

Gravity Fields Festival 2016

Today Andrei Zvelindovskly announced our school’s contribution in the forthcoming Gravity Fields Festival 2016 during the launch today at Woolsthorpe Manor. Our school will deliver two fascinating talks: From the Newton’s light to electromagnetic waves by Andrei Zvelindovsky and Exploring the molecular machines within a fantastic voyage by Danilo Roccatano

Young Physicist of 2015 in Lincolnshire

On 6th of July The University of Lincoln hosted  The Young Physicist of the 2015 Year evening, sponsored by The Ogden Trust. The event was co-organized by Alexander Borman from the School of Engineering and Manuela Mura from the School of Mathematics and Physics. Thirteen students from across the county received presented to them by Helen Pollard (representative […]

New staff – Dr Manuela Mura

Welcome to our new staff: Dr Manuela Mura, who started as a Senior Lecturer returning after a maternity leave. Manuela received a doctorate from the King’s College London, where she wrote a PhD thesis on “Theoretical characterization of STM images of assemblies of flat organic molecules on metal surfaces”, for which work she received Tadion-Rideal Prize for […]

New staff – Dr Marco Pinna

Welcome to our first new staff: Dr Marco Pinna. Marco is a Senior Lecturer in our school. His subject specialism is Computational Physics and Applied Mathematics. Marco is a recipient of Institute of Physics (IOP) 2009 PhD Thesis Prize in Computational Physics.

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