Poster session in Maths Pedagogy module

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On 21 December the 3rd year students taking the optional Maths and Physics Pedagogy modules had a poster presentation in the foyer of Isaac Newton building.  The posters discussed the knowledge development of a particular topic from the National Curriculum for secondary education in mathematics or physics, including  possible or…

Maths And Physics Society Xmas Dinner

On 15 of December 2017 the University of Lincoln Maths And Physics Student Society held its Christmas dinner. It was lots of food and nice talking!

School Christmas Party

On 14 December 2017 we held our largest School Christmas Party with food, drinks, music and even Xmas quiz. For the first time we had students from the whole 3 years of study! The winner of the Xmas Quiz was a team of our 3rd year Physics students!

Inaugural Professorial Lecture in Mathematics

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Is algebra a spoilsport in mathematics? a public lecture by Professor Evgeny Khukhro University of Lincoln Wednesday, 17 January 2018, 6:00-7:20 pm Newton Lecture Theatre  INB0114 in the Isaac Newton building, University of Lincoln Book a place Is it the role of algebra to be taking fun out…

School Christmas lunch

On 6 of December 2017 our school had our already traditional Christmas lunch at Branston Hall, where we went for the second time. Our Guest of Honour this time was our public lecture speaker, Professor Don Kurtz.

Excursion to Donna Nook Nature Reserve and Cleethorpes

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This School of Maths and Physics staff-student-family-and-friends trip took us to the Donna Nook Nature Reserve to see the seals, and later to Cleethorpes for the afternoon. Due to low numbers from our school, in order to fill up our bus from Hodson Coaches, we teamed up with the…

Up the cathedral tower

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On Wednesday the 8th of November, a small group of maths staff and students climbed up to the highest point in Lincoln, led by cathedral volunteers.

3rd Annual Boole Lecture in Mathematics

On 2nd of November, George Boole’s 202th birthday, Professor Alexandre Borovik (University of Manchester) delivered the 3rd Annual Boole Lecture “What is mathematics education, really?”. At the beginning Professor Andrei Zvelindovsky introduced the lecturer and reminded the audience of George Boole’s exploits in mathematical education. The thought-provoking lecture was well attended by staff, students and members […]

Isaac Newton Christmas Lecture

Space travel: from fantasy to reality and beyond a duo public lecture (including 20 minutes interval) by Dr Fabien Paillusson School of Mathematics and Physics, University of Lincoln and Dr Anna Marie Roos School of History & Heritage, University of Lincoln Wednesday 20 December 2017 6 pm – 7:40 pm Lecture Theatre in the new […]

School of Maths and Physics at Lincoln Cathedral’s Organ Celebration

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This staff-student-family-and-friends venture took us to Lincoln Cathedral on the evening of Friday the 13th. Our group, spanning from a 13-month-old to grandparents, witnessed a wonderful concert by the organists and the cathedral choir. The event celebrated the end of the 2-year restoration work on the Father Willis Organ.

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