Algebra seminar in Lincoln: talk by Rudradip Biswas

Charlotte Scott Centre for Algebra

On the 17th of September 2019 Rudradip Biswas (University of Manchester) visited Charlotte Scott Centre for Algebra and gave a talk  “Towards an Algebraic Characterisation of Kropholler’s Hierarchy through Some Generation Results”.

Abstract: I will start by defining a notion of generation for modules that can be said to have been inspired from some notions of generation for triangulated categories which have been looked into by Rouquier, Rickard, and others. I will then prove a number of useful general results regarding generation of modules using my definition of generation, look into the significance of a module being generated in a finite number of steps by a class (in my definition) and investigate when that is equivalent to the same module admitting finite resolutions by modules of that class. I will also show how this notion of generation can be used to provide examples of classes that admit certain interesting…

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